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Unboxing is a Thing

Unboxing is a real thing used online to show off product or the process of using the product. I’ve learned so much from watching countless

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Pick Me, Pick Me

“Pick me, Pick me”.  I could hear the tulips in my front garden calling to me,. So…I carefully looked and picked what I thought would

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Moms Are Amazing

Moms are amazing aren’t they? They kiss boo boos, hug us tightly , cook our favorite foods, tuck us into bed and read us our

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Hannah’s onions, as they are called, were turned upside down to maintain the healthiest of the plant.  As Ken turned the pot upside down, that hard

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Some Totally Good News

We received a phone call from our six year old granddaughter, Hannah. As always, we answered with excitement and enthusiasm as our hearts leaped in

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Pray & Go

Rebooting Outreach – One Step at a Time As spring like temperatures are just around the corner many of us will venture outside for a

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The distribution of the “Just for Kids Outreach Kits” ( aka Sunday School) has skyrocketed from an in-person Sunday School framework to a deliberate Outreach

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Prayer Request