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Everyone Needs a Boost

A few weeks ago, Ken and I found ourselves coming to a full stop on a busy street. Our car started to smoke, and we abruptly stopped . We called for assistance. Assistance came and we were able to secure a rescue vehicle. Would you believe that the rescue vehicle needed a boost. Honestly as Ken and I sat bathing in the rays of the sun we said to each other we couldn’t make this stuff up.  It wasn’t long before we were once again rescued and this time able to drive away.

We’ve all been there: you’re working towards a goal and you hit a rough patch. You’re struggling to persevere. You’re considering quitting or slowing down. Or things just don’t go the way you envisioned.

So how do recharge ? Give yourself a boost?  A walk on a path, a quiet space, your favourite cup of tea or a good book. God can give us the boost we need in everyday life to stay focussed on Him.

Or do you rely on encouragement from others to do so.

Scripture  gives me a picture of what it looks like when I genuinely develop confidence in God. God promises me a boost when I turn to him. He promises to lead me to “pleasant places.” He promises me His unfailing guidance and He watches over every step I make. Even when a friend comes to the rescue and gives me a boost.

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