Praise & worship

Join us every Sunday at 10:30 am to praise, worship and celebrate God together to come closer to Him. We are a "Scent Free" worship center.


Find the most compelling way for you to share your experience with people and come closer to God.

about us

The Salvation Army in Whitby is a PLACE of HOPE! We, guided by a HEART for God, have a mission for OUTREACH built on PRAYER for a community where EVERYONE is cared for and loved.

Services We Provide
Sunday Services

Our Sunday services include Singing, Prayer, Scripture and Devotional Messages all designed to bring us closer to God. We are a "Scent Free" worship center.

Pre-Martial Counseling

We provide pre-martial counseling prior to your wedding celebrations.

Christian Wedding

We can assist in the arranging of Christian weddings in our premises based on pre-booking.


We can arrange a Spiritual, Dignified Funeral Service for anyone.

Child Dedications

We can conduct a child's dedication ceremony to bring our children nearer to God.

Prayer Request