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Have you ever listened to the sound of the lady’s voice saying , “Recalculating”

In my recent travels from Edmonton, I was waiting in line for a washroom and heard from the stall, “Recalculating” in that same lady’s voice and I commented, “I’ve been listening to that voice telling me where to go for days and I thought I left her in the car”. Well, us ladies had a good washroom break and a belly laugh!

But what does recalculating really mean? How often do we need in life to press the pause button and simply recalculate?

We recalculate every time there is a life change, a life decision, a change in our families experience and so on.  Every parent recalculates daily as children are being raised and adapt to their new realities. Sometimes those days are long and hard, but parenting is worth it .

In my spiritual journey recalculating is also required. When the pathway throughout the seasons of my life change, I need to once again centre myself on God’s path for my life. I must refocus my heart and mind following His recalculating as to the paths I should take. Sometimes I don’t like the recalculating that happens but in order to enjoy the journey one must be prepared to change and adapt along the route taken.

So, for me today instead of listening to the lady’s voice belonging to the GPS; I’m going to see where God’s voice leads me.

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