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Our Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored

“My faith in humanity has been restored”
Christmas gives opportunities to share mission with donors supporting The Salvation Army in Whitby. We were privileged to give a walk about tour of the Family Services in Whitby to a lovely couple who were incredibly impressed with how we meet food insecurity and provide Christmas Assistance. So impressed that they asked if they could volunteer.
Those who know me well know that I don’t miss a beat and I explained about all about volunteering at a Christmas Cheer Kettle. they agreed and did their first kettle shift
I phoned this couple asking them about their volunteer experience. “We had a lovely time interacting with people and it restored our faith in humanity”
Such a blessing to my heart. If you would like to have that same experience reach out to me and I can find a shift for you too.
And yes, they signed up for a second shift …

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