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The Power of a Cupcake

Before I had my second cup of coffee the conversation began with, “Do you have service here”? While making coffee we chatted about the opportunities

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These thoughts are from The Salvation Army’s Whitby Pathway of Hope Case Worker and Family Outreach Coordinator, Meredith Chin. It was a Monday, and it

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Love and Calories

“I am so grateful for some food for my family and now it’s time for coffee”, he exclaimed as he walked through the open doors

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One Scoop at a Time

I have to admit that when I heard the little boy exclaim as he came running towards me, “This is so much fun”!  “I can’t

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Notes of Joy

It was on an afternoon where my wife and I prepare the Sunday Worship Music for the following Sunday Service. I get on the Keyboard

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More Than a Number

I have never been a number persons.  Ask anyone around me and they will confirm that math or counting  is not my strong suit. I

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The Gift of Peace

I love the conversations that happen around the Christmas Cheer Kettle.  One giver shared  “I have carried this little card in my wallet for years”

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Are You an Elf?

Are you an elf? “Are you an elf?” was a question by an inquisitive little girl. “What do you think?” “Can I see your ears?”

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Prayer Request