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The First Snowfall

That first snowfall always makes the season brighter! It glistens and sparkles as the sun’s rays bounce off the fluffy white layering the ground. It’s

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What’s on your mind?

An excerpt form the pen of retired Salvation Army Officer – Major Ted Percy. “Every time I look at the space where I share ‘my

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Messy Ministry

Spilled chocolate milk  on a freshly cleaned sofa and fresh eggs dropped on the floor with the yolk scattered wide  definitely make a mess. No

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We Will Remember Them

Here is an excerpt from a Post from Retired Salvation Army Officer, Major Ted Percy. “I was just thinking, Remembrance Day is fast approaching once

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Blossom Beautifully

Blossom Beautifully  – in God’s timing. The air is a little crisp . The sun shines brightly.  My deck chair is comfy. I tried to

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Shifting Sands

I love the beach, its natural exfoliation, its newness, its refreshment that it brings to my body, mind and soul.  I often find myself playing

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Busy as a Bee

Have you ever watched a bee move from one flower to another? It actually is quite amazing to watch as the bee selectively chooses each

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Come and Dine

Sunday morning surprise – It seems that an animal of some sort got into closed shed last night knocking the sunflower seed out of the

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Adult Peer Pressure

The sights and sounds of summer are alive and well. Donette and I have always identified different sounds that announce that summer is here such

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Prayer Request