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Chalk Dust and Coffee

We got a Pool Table and placed it in the Church! YES…you heard me right…a Pool Table in the Church!

My wife and I got a Pool Table from our local Neighborhood “Buy and Sell” web site. We arrived to pay for it at the “Porch Pick Up” and when the gentleman heard what it was for he said “Just take it. I want to donate this to the Church!”

It needed some TLC so the legs were straightened and rolling castors were attached so we could move it around. It now resides in a corner of the front Foyer of the Church waiting to be rolled out at a moments notice.

Every Wednesday, we host “Café Connection” where people who are standing in the line for the Food Bank can come in and enjoy a friendly conversation, a Coffee and a Muffin while sitting around the tables. This past week, one of our Homeless Friends decided to come in and partake. He parked his shopping cart filled with his earthly belongings just outside the door and came into the Church. Immediately he noticed the Pool Table that had been rolled out. Dropping his backpack in the corner he picked up a Pool Cue and started to chalk it up and we stated to play. After thoroughly being defeated in a 5 game session, I thanked him for the games. Taking his water bottle and muffins he pushed his shopping cart down the street from the Church with a smile on his face.

Within that hour of Pool, a person’s dignity and self worth was restored and a sense of HOPE was granted.

“The Whitby Community Church of The Salvation Army is a place of HOPE. We are guided by a HEART for God, have a mission for OUTREACH built on PRAYER for a community where EVERYONE is cared for and loved.”

I am reminded of the Cup of Cold Water given in Jesus’ name mentioned in Matthew 10:42.

He said as he was leaving, “Oh, I’ll be back for round two, next week!”

Sometimes the “Cup of Cold Water” can include Chalk Dust and Coffee.


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