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Look Mommy, They Got a Bouncy Castle

“They got a bouncy castle; look mommy, they got a bouncy castle” as she came wide eyed through the front doors of the church.

“They got cotton candy”!

“It’s so cool they have a pool table”!

These are some expressions of excitement heard throughout the Carnival Event on Family Day. The church was filled with laughter, and lots of wonderful noise. Faces were smiling from ear to ear as they played Giant Jenga or as they redeemed their tickets for some cool prizes. The families gathered around the pool table sharing in community. And what would a carnival be without out the Snow Cones, Cotton Candy, Hotdogs and Popcorn!

I loved the connections and conversation with our neighbours! It’s wonderful that we can provide this space, but it was even greater carrying God conversations with people. As I listened to people sharing about how they desire to connect with God and to a local church; it was a privilege to say that we would love to have you be a part of our church family in the neighbourhood.
So, we wait and pray; pray and wait on God as He stirs the hearts of people to connect with God…HERE, THERE and EVERYWHERE!

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