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What’s on your mind?

An excerpt form the pen of retired Salvation Army Officer – Major Ted Percy.
“Every time I look at the space where I share ‘my status’, I read this question, “What’s on your mind?” Here is, what’s on my mind. I have been thinking about Christmas and the shepherds. For the shepherds the most astonishing thing about that night which was so full of surprises must have been the common-place scene of the manger. Surely the splendor of the angelic appearance, and the ecstacy of the heavenly chorus, must have been but the prelude to something more ‘out of this world’. But no! Bethlehem had nothing more unusual to show than a mother weary from the labor of childbirth, an anxious, vigilant father, and a Baby unfortunate enough to be born in a stable. Yet in this ordinary situation the shepherds did not experience an anticlimax; they discovered God. If you don’t know Him, may He be your greatest discovery!”

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