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The First Snowfall

That first snowfall always makes the season brighter! It glistens and sparkles as the sun’s rays bounce off the fluffy white layering the ground. It’s a season for losing oneself in the glorious space of nature and just worshipping a great majestic God.

I love how this photo sets the scene of a clear path before us. It looks unhurried and simply peaceful as one looks ahead. Its look perfect.

The path ahead is not always clear, it’s not free of hurriedness and sometimes it just lacks peace.  It is far from perfect. The journey we take can be crazier than ever and so disturbing that it affects our spiritual journey.    Gossip, unhealthy actions, tiredness,  can add footprints to the path that we walk making it difficult to see a clear path. Slander, accusations, negative talk and so much of us can impact our journey.

“A Song of Trust in God’s Provision…Feet trample it down—the feet of the oppressed, the steps of the poor. The path of the righteous is level; You clear a straight path for the upright. Yes, we wait for You, O LORD; we walk in the path of Your judgments. Your name and renown are the desire of our souls.… Isaiah 26:7 – Berean Study Bible”
God likes me to follow him in faith and trust—not in knowing.  God wants to set a clear path before me . God sees everything—past, present and future. He is not limited.
What unhealthy footprints are clouding your clear path today? How will you keep yourself healthy? What types of footprints will you trust God with today? Where will these steps take you?
While the ground sparkles let’s remember that God goes before us and He makes our path straight and clear.

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