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One Scoop at a Time

I have to admit that when I heard the little boy exclaim as he came running towards me, “This is so much fun”!  “I can’t wait to try everything”! my heart may have skipped a beat with excitement. I did a fist pump and cried out an inner voice “Yes”!  I watched as families came walking up the parking lot pushing strollers, cars, bikes and even dolls in strollers came too and so every ounce of energy became so worth it.


The monthly family fun nights offer an array of activities for all ages. The engagement and connection with the families of the neighbourhood and the wider community is so unbelievable rewarding and hopeful. “We heard there was free ice cream, so we thought we come check it out”! From chocolate covered sticks to love heart candy there was every imaginable topping and, of course, the kids had to try every topping.


Axe throwing, gigantic board games like Sorry, Jenga, Arcade Basketball and so much more. I think the hit of this event was Fuse Ball.  I watched as a group of kids and adults gathered around the fuse ball table challenging each other, working together with one common goal…to score a goal. And when that fuse ball hit the net there were shouts of delight mixed with jumping up and down. It just did our hearts so good to see families connecting with each other.


As we served free ice cream our hands became holy hands serving the community one scoop at a time.  Engaging in conversation one conversation at a time.  Sharing Jesus one step at a time – all because of free ice cream. Our desire is that all people will “Taste and see that the Lord is good”.


Each kid also received a takeaway bag filled with goodies but most importantly sharing activity worksheets about Jesus.


Our hearts mission is to share Jesus with others. This time it was free ice cream – next time – well you will have to wait and see!


PS… Many happy kids went home with lots of sugar highs…lol

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