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Notes of Joy

It was on an afternoon where my wife and I prepare the Sunday Worship Music for the following Sunday Service. I get on the Keyboard and run over the Worship songs and align the timing and the keys for each song. As I was playing and singing, a homeless gentleman came into the Church and sat in the back of the sanctuary. He listened intently and every so often you could see him nod his head.

After the worship songs were arranged, the gentleman approached me and asked if he could “Tinkle” the ivories of our Grand Piano for a few minutes, to which I replied, “By all means, help yourself.”

He laid down his pack and threw off his heavy jacket and sat at the piano. I sat in a pew and listened and was amazed at the beautiful melodies that were produced from the fingers of a homeless man who had been over-looked and cast aside by society at large.

This “God Moment” reiterated in my heart the fact that everyone has value. Everyone has been created in God’s image and is loved by God.

The Church staff and volunteers listened intently as the music filled the Church. One of the staff exclaimed, “Yes, he is a real person too!”

I do not know where this gentleman received his musical training, but I do know that it was for me that he played his notes of joy!

Thank You my friend for blessing us today!

PS…We’ve invited him to Church this Sunday!

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