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A thought form the pen of retired Salvation Army Officer – Major Ted Percy.


I am thinking of character! I suppose it might be due to the fact we have a neighbor in our Village who is a strong man with an attractive character who will help in any situation! It reminds me that God wants to build us up in holy character, but holy character is for eternity and is many sided, and therefore must be subjected to manifold testing. We must be taught by both pain and pleasure, we must learn how to abound and to suffer need. And in this we shall often be plunged from heights to the depths, and hurled from the depths to the heights again. I believe a man deserved to be called great-hearted only as his character shows kindness added to courage, and humility added to achievement. If character is capable of degeneration is is also capable of regeneration. We as God’s Children reveal our natural bent not in some prepared statement but in our unstudied responses. Friends, may our lives speak loudly for our Savior Jesus! Do enjoy your day as you chat with Him!

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