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God’s Masterpiece

While visiting family in Edmonton I thought it was about time to learn how to paint.  Ken’s dad is a self taught oil based artist.  I intently watched  and listened carefully as he explained the different techniques of bringing a blank canvas to life.
I learned how a fantail brush helps to paint trees, to mix certain colors to create brilliant coloring and forgiving mountains. I learned how with the the swoop of a brush something like a birch tree appears…
As I stood eager to learn from the original artist I felt myself investing in the blank canvas and wanting to create something beautiful .  As I stood  from a distance and looked at my painting, I realized that it still had flaws. Dad said, “The wet on wet technique is very forgiving”. I could rework, place color in ways that I never realized, blend with a stroke of a brush and render shape to the canvas on the easel.
I quickly amazed myself as to how a blank canvas could take shape and become alive before my very eyes all with the help of the artist.

In these days of transition and change, I am reminded that My life  is a priceless work of art in the Lord’s hand. His perfect “touch” is painting my life day by day to create the masterpiece He envisions me to be. Every stroke of the brush places color, renders shape to my individual identity in Him. I can trust His craftsmanship, rely on His artistry, because not only is He the consummate Master Artist, but He loves His works. And that God , through His Son Jesus, is very forgiving when I make a mistake. He takes the brush, erases my mistakes and, once again, I am a blank canvas ready to be created.

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s masterpiece and he has created us anew in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago” NLT

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  1. Wow Donette! This is masterful! You are a gifted communicator and God is using the Gifts He has given you! Mom and I read it together and She was visibly moved! Love Ya!

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