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The Little Tree

One wintery day this little tree caught my attention.  It was laden down with snow, its little branches were failing under the heaviness of the snow, and it looked lonely in the garden. But it also stood straight and tall. It stood firm and seemed to hold itself up amid the heaviness.  In my mind and heart that day it was breathtakingly beautiful, and I just had to snap a photo of it.
As I have scrolled through photos on my phone, I’ve seen this photo many times and often wondered what God is trying to say to me through this little tree.
I am tired. I am weighed down by the ever-increasing workload. I am anxious. I am heavy laden. I am burdened. I am mentally tired and heavy laden. Some days I’m just ready to retire.
But I am also resilient. I am strong. I have a firm foundation. I am confident. I am courageous. I am…. (maybe you can fill in the blanks here from your own life). I strive for my life to be breathtakingly beautiful as I exhibit God’s strength and grace.
How do I during this heavy time stand firm and strong? It’s simple…my roots go deep into His strength. The same as the littlest tree roots go deep and can still flourish so can my life.
When pressure rises from the expectations of life, I need to know that I can stand strong in the power of the Lord.
So, regardless how I feel, I desire to fully embrace our relationship with God and to walk in the strength of His love, mercy, and grace. For “His divine power has given us everything required for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by His glory and goodness” 2 Peter 1:3, HCSB.
So, when you see a little tree again remember it standing tall cause its roots go deep.

2 thoughts on “The Little Tree”

  1. Just like a tree planted by the waters or covered in snow I shall not be moved! Beautiful encouraging words Major Donette to remind us of God’s constant strength, power and might are available in good, bad, joy or sorrowful times. Thank you Lord!

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