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Unboxing is a Thing

Unboxing is a real thing used online to show off product or the process of using the product. I’ve learned so much from watching countless unboxing videos. Have you watched any unboxing videos lately? They are one of the latest trends.
Unboxing is defined as “It’s the excitement and anticipation of not knowing what is inside, and wanting to savor the moment. In other words, this is ‘unboxing‘; the excitement experienced by the clever and attractive presentation of consumer items.” 

What would we discover anew and afresh if we were to daily unbox Gods Word. What would we experience in unboxing the life of Jesus . What would the unboxing of our lives look like? Would it be a sweet aroma of internal grace and favor? Would it be God in us through His sweetened and sanctifying life. 

I personally get excited about the transition we find ourselves living because it is in the times of shifting that the Lord reveals Himself in a new way. Miracles increase. The Holy Spirit speaks through revelations, dreams, and visions, adding layers to how God communicates Himself to us.  And yet there are times when I feel tired, dry, stagnant and keeping my box closed and airtight looks like a really good idea.
Then God reminds me of the riches of His grace that He has in store for His children. My desire peaks to unbox all that God has for me. I want to savor the moment. I want to experience the fragrance of His Love and the freshness of His Spirit.  I want a fresh renewing of the riches of His grace. So as my life is unboxed, what signature scent will be spread to others? In turn as my life is unboxed before people, what will they see? I want people to feel His love, His peace and comfort flowing through me. I really am powerless with Him and probably a little stinky too.
My hope and prayer is that the fragrance of God’s aroma flows out of me as my life is unboxed and lived out daily. I hope that will be your experience as well.

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