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Wearing the mask has become the new way of doing ministry. We have found ourselves struggling at times to understand the words people are saying. Sometimes it takes just one person to encourage The Salvation Army in Whitby to keep on giving.

A lady came to the North Door at The Salvation Army looking for assistance. She had been given the information by email about getting help earlier that day.

As she was being served I was listening in the background as she was overwhelmed with the offer of kindness and blessing of goods with which she was being showered.
“It was only minutes later that I received this email” says Major Donette Percy.
“It’s  me  again, the girl with the purple hair. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the extra kindness you showed today. Even behind the mask I could see and feel your smile. Even just your email this morning itself gave me a sense of hope and strength. I can tell you make so many people feel so warm, safe and loved! Thank you for everything you do and are”
Don’t discount the mask – one can still show warmth to others.
“I felt so much support and love circling around. You guys heal people and save lives  –  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Keep smiling cause even behind the mask people sense warmth and love.
Name  and color of hair has been changed to protect identity . Permission granted to use her story

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