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The distribution of the “Just for Kids Outreach Kits” ( aka Sunday School) has skyrocketed from an in-person Sunday School framework to a deliberate Outreach kit designed for children. Honestly, I don’t’ know why we didn’t think of it before. These kits are giving out to families with one per child every time a family picks up their monthly allocated food from our Community & Family Services Food Bank. It provides a means for The Salvation Army in Whitby to connect differently with families and more often, to be a positive influence in the community in which we live.

One mom, in asking for the next outreach kit, said “They Love it!” This family took this kit to a new level and they don’t leave the children to do it by themselves. The mom said they sit down around the table as a family and go through the “Just for Kids” pages and activities and discuss the pages as a family”. They can’t wait to see what comes next.

The team endeavors to make these kits look Thematic, funky and seasonal and this brings excitement to the family and yes, a measure of hope. For this family a measure of HOPE has been restored. Now sitting around the table, sharing together and looking forward to these special moments, HOPE has been restored. This family can’t wait to see what the coming months will bring. Our HOPE is that the family unit grows stronger because they are together. Whoever would have thought that Covid 19 could turn something unthinkable into blessings and unite families to be stronger than ever.

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