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What does God requires of us today?

I have heard the lyrics of the song by Matt Redman…

I’m coming back to the heart of worship and it’s all about you. …

I’ll bring you more than an a song,
for a song in itself is not what you would require,

You search much deeper within…
you’re looking into my heart.

So easily sung but not easily experienced. More than a song, more than the music and lyrics, more than in in-person worship gatherings, more than our preferences, more than the past, more than the past normal, more than the new normal, more than our ingrown ideals, more than family, more than the uniform, and you can add so much more to that list as God speaks to you today.

God, in the midst of COVID 19 and the challenges we face, is calling us to go deeper! When everything we have known is being stripped away, God is calling us to go deeper and deeper still into a relationship with Him! When we have nothing of our own doings left, God is still enough. What we have known should not be the foundation for our relationship with Him. He is calling us to go deeper in His Word and in our prayer lives, to go beyond our own preferences and follow His will. He is calling us to be Christ at the door, to be so focused on Him that we can be the change in the community where we live. It’s not about being in a building it’s about being Christ in the community. Its about being faithful and obedient disciples. It’s about putting mission over preference.

So today when you reflect on these words, more than song, … what is it that God is calling you to let go of and allow His transformational power to work in your life?

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