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Kettle Warm & Fuzzies

Volunteering for the iconic red kettle campaign consists of hand sanitizer, limited capacity and yes even wiping down the red bubble. With the cost of living increasing the hesitancy in giving is becoming more and more. People have less and less disposable income.  Whoever thought that 2021 campaign would be so challenging and yet so fulfilling.  Its stories like these that make Christmas kettle volunteering and stay with us in our journey.

Niki Lundequist shares these ponderings, “I spent a few hours volunteering each day for the last couple of days. My favorite moment: a gentleman stopped and said, “I never donate money because nobody ever has you in the end, except these guys. I saw them go above and beyond when I was in prison and when I got out and I’m happy to give you what little I can”. The security guard who was managing traffic was so touched that he pulled out his debit card and made a donation too. He’s only been in Canada 3 months. I confess I got a little bit teary eyed. I hope you all find moments that touch your heart in the way that mine was touched today.”

Volunteering provides moments that bring tears to our eyes and warm fuzzies to our hearts. Engaging with our friends at the kettles an enjoying conversation is the best part of Christmas.

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