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Its a Pencil Tree

I have kept saying over the last few days that the pencil tree has been growing on me ! The 13 year old tree had seen better days and couldn’t possibly be duct taped or welded together anymore . It had been ours since our first Christmas together in 2010 . So, embracing change and downsizing for retirement living came to more a reality for Ken and I as we watched our old tree be disposed of and the little pencil tree take shape.

I wasn’t too sure about it. I kept saying there won’t be enough branches and for sure not enough lights. I’m not sure I like it, and I would quickly remind myself that it’s a small thing in comparison to the needs of our community and the world these days.

Yet somehow it was different on Sunday when Hannah, our granddaughter, decorated it with the family ornaments as she has done in previous years. The little pencil tree started to take shape as memories of past years were carefully placed on our tree. Even the “Christmas Pickle” found a special spot that is yet to be discovered.

So, you see it really wasn’t about the tree or even change – it was about memories and as we change from time to time the one thing that no one can take from us are the memories. These memories are pondered in our hearts forever.

The gingerbread and candy crumbs have been swept up. The house has become very quiet. As I sit reflecting on memories made our little pencil tree is alive with color and casts a beautiful glow into our family room.

It truly isn’t about the tree, but the ones gathered around it making memories together. And just as Mary pondered “all these things” so shall I hold these new memories close.

My heart is full ….

And yes, I hope this little pencil tree is ours for many years to come cause there’s lots more memories to be made!

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