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Anyone ever had any regrets? I regret bundling up lights and putting them into one massive pile knowing full well that somehow, though placed separately, they would manage to intertwine together. The lights sat there staring at me without power, out of control, looking rather frazzled – all three sets tangled into one.

It’s kinda like this past year of 2020 – a mixture of frazzled nerves, fried brains, COVID fatigue and any other feelings that you can name. Everything intertwined together into one humongous mess. 2020 continues to add more stress to our lives as we experience fear and it’s associates every day. 2020 seems dark and unlike anything that we have ever experienced before and yes, that is a hot, frazzled mess.

As I sat looking at these tangled lights I began to unravel them one strand at a time. I weaved the strands in and through other strands intricately undoing the knots and straightening them. Finally untangled and separated the scene that lay before me were sets of lights all neatly wrapped but still looking purposeless.

These lights needed to have a purpose, an opportunity to be the light in my life, an opportunity, in challenging days, to brighten the darkness. As I added power to each one – they began to give off light, brightness and added warmth to the room. Nestled in and around the Christmas decorations they brightly cast beams of light into the darkened room so that each strand of lights served its purpose.

I don’t know about you but I want to be the light to someone’s darkened world, casting rays of hope and comfort to others.

I believe I can be that today to someone that I meet .

“‘Twas a light that made darkness itself appear a thing of comfort” – Robert Southey

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