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Broken but Beautiful

We are Broken but God’s Purpose is Beautiful

It’s incredible to read about how God formed us. He didn’t speak mankind into existence like the rest of creation. He knew He wanted us to be intentionally set apart and different. But since Genesis 3, when sin entered humanity, we let God down. We all fall short of His standard for us. We allow sin in our lives to distort God’s image. But the good news today is that God’s image on each of us is not destroyed!

God gets to decide who and what He uses to accomplish His purposes. And for some reason, even amidst our flaws and sins, God chose us to be used by Him. This truth should allow us to feel joyful, honored, and privileged. However, the key components amidst all of this is that we are broken beings.

God chose to enter into a broken relationship with broken human beings in order to bring about redemption and reconciliation. What a beautiful and poignant example of grace.

Paul, in our Romans 9 passage, talks about a potter. He claims the potter has the right to choose what he does with the clay, no matter how it looks or what it’s purpose is for. God could have easily passed us by and accomplished His purposes some other way. But He wanted us. He wanted to use us. And here’s one big reason why I think this is: when broken people are used by a whole God, He gets all the glory.

 A pastor once told me God loves us as much right now as He ever will. He is not a God who fluctuates back and forth. He doesn’t love us less when we screw up, or more when we preach a good sermon, tithe, or volunteer in the church nursery. That should give us great comfort!

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” In Jeremiah’s case God formed, knew, and set him apart before birth.

You are…Formed…Known…Loved…and Chosen!

So what is the purpose for which God has designed for you this week….

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