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Pray & Go

Rebooting Outreach – One Step at a Time

As spring like temperatures are just around the corner many of us will venture outside for a walk, a social distancing visit, walk the dog – dare I say walk the hubby or the family… … It is definitely a way to give that step counter a workout but also to blend the Great Commission and Prayer together so that we can build community. After-all isn’t that the Mission statement of The Salvation Army?

We are an innovative partner…


Praying is not a new concept however Pray & Go is an innovative way to mobilize, strengthen our faith, stretch our prayer lives and stay healthy.

This initiative is already happening here in Whitby, it simply has a little more formalization. Hand sanitizers with outreach door knockers indicating that The Salvation Army in Whitby is here for you and encouraging them to join Whitby On-Line or contact us for prayer and spiritual guidance have already been distributed in some neighbourhoods. It is a simple mission – drop the gift by the door all the while walking and praying for that household and then go to the next one. Pray & Go. It is not even confined to people walking, we can sit in a parking lot and pray for the people we see going and coming, we can park at a LTC Facility or a Hospital praying for each person. It can be while we are waiting for a family member to do the weekly grocery shop.

I love this innovative and creative means by which the Great Commission : “Go and Make disciples of all nations…” and prayer unifies us to build communities that are just, and just maybe, one small step will help bring them to the Kingdom of God.

This week I listened to Thomas Rainier in his webinar on outreach and I total agree that this Pray & Go can have a huge impact on community and church and in so doing shift the culture from a me attitude, an entitlement attitude, an outward attitude instead of an inward approach… to simple steps that helps us think outward, take the focus off our desires, our complaints, our shifting attitudes and simply serve others. In the end we may see growth in both of us.

Pray & Go is sustainable and effective. It can break attendance barriers online and potentially when churches regather in person gatherings with turning the universal church upside down. I love the fact that everyone can participate and that it is not constrained to people or a place and that there are no barriers. It is not constrained to the officer or pastor leading and doing.

We may never know what influence we are having on people…and…I’m ok with that. That doesn’t matter! I did receive a message of “What a blessing it was to receive such a gift at my door. I know if I need anything I can turn to The Salvation Army for help and direction”.

Its God’s Kingdom being built one step at a time, one prayer at a time and we, as His disciples, must Pray & Go

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